Grand Pixel offers opportunities to engage with global art enthusiasts with filmmakers, actors, actresses and film technicians.

  • We believe that film has great power to highlight the importance of human equality and inspire and inspire the youth of the future. For that we will find and showcase the best exciting and thought-provoking films from around the world. We are reaching out to the film lovers of the world.
  • And we give more importance to films about love, morality, culture, passion, happiness, films that uplift the marginalized and films that benefit natural resources.


GRAND PIXEL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Competing films are carefully selected by our panel of top judges who are selected under the gpiff rules and nominated for several rounds, after which the winners are decided. Official high-quality certificates issued by gpiff and laural are sent to the winners via email. Also, the official win notice of the winning films will be advertised on our social media platforms and website.



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Grand Pixel International Film Festival.

Anna Faroqhi

We are very grateful and feel honoured our film REMEMBRANCE was selected Best Documentary Short Film. The festival staff showed great dedication in their communication and responded to e-mails quickly. We will gladly recommend the festival to other filmmakers.
Thanks for everything.

Harry Waldman

Thanks for selecting "Enter the Room" as an award winner for Best Horror Short Film!

Dael McCoyle

Thank You for the chance to enter our Short Film, RENA into the Grand Pixel International Film Festival. I hope our Film was entertaining and inspirational to all. The surprise was getting the email that RENA had taken the Awards for, BEST FILM, BEST ACTOR, BEST ACTRESS, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER and BEST EDITOR. We look forward to the future and entering into the Grand Pixel International Film Festival once again with another short film. Thank You, Dael

Lynn Elliott

My "Ghost Town, NM" is AWARD WINNER! Plenty of comedy: three Shakespeare references, ghosts (real and imaginary), Dungeons and Dragons, Sassy Ladies Cat House, gunslingers, ghostly serial killers, and much more! Fun to write! Thank you for your encouragement! Very much appreciated!

Shiraz Khan

It was such a great experience to work with Grand Pixel International Film Festival. Thankyou so much for choosing our film Mask as a winner. They were such a delight to work with. Their communication and dedication was top notch. A huge thanks from all of our team

Peter jackson

A great honor and joy. Thank you. God bless you all.

Rules & Terms

Please read the following rules carefully before submitting your film to the GPIFF competition. By submitting your film, you agree to the following conditions:

All submitted film projects must have been created in 2012 or later. We do not accept previous film projects.

The video quality of your submitted film must be at least 720p resolution. Films with lower production quality, such as poor sound or video, will be considered to have lower resolution and will be disqualified.

We strictly exclude films that contain extremist or propaganda content related to religious, ethnic, cultural disorder, or political organizations. We will also reject films that ignore the laws of other countries, depict violence against children or animal cruelty, or include racist attacks or amateur videos.

Please submit your film project through our online screener only. We do not accept film projects by any other means.

All film projects submitted, including non-English language films, must have English subtitles. Otherwise, they will be rejected from the competition.

We treat every filmmaker equally and judge their excellent film projects impartially.

Monthly events will be screened exclusively in front of our jurors. Films will not be screened in public places. Only films selected in the winning category in the annual selection will be screened in public.

If our jurors need to discuss your film, they will contact you directly via interview, video call, or email.

Please note that GPIFF reserves the right to change the date and venue of the festival as per circumstances. We also reserve the right to edit the movie submission section in case of any changes through the online sites. It is your responsibility to periodically check for updates to these terms and conditions.



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